Monday, August 17, 2009

We are opening a store!

So many of you have already heard that we (kelly and i) are opening a design boutique. And you ask, What type of boutique? It's hard to give a comparison since i don't know any store like ours. We have a vision of promoting local artists and hand made goods in a high-end style. We love the idea of knowing that we are supporting our neighbors and friends. Now does this mean that we won't sell the beautiful handmade tea cups made in Australia? Of course not. i do believe that trade makes the world go round but if its local all the better.

Now to the good stuff. since we don't have product yet... AND... we don't have a website (no product thing) i'm going to share with you my design board. I'm a designer by trade and design boards are a must have for us texture people.

hope you enjoy and see and feel what we are wanting to create with Bella Cosa!!!

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