Monday, October 31, 2011

Upcoming Event to our area

I've always wanted to host an Arts and Craft Show. Not just a little one with a bunch of friends but a real craft show oozing holiday, music playing, drinks being served, tons of people walking around and great handmade arts and crafts. Well i'm doing it! I'll have to thank my mom for not instilling me with the "ah I'm not sure" gene.

I'd like to introduce Uptown Village Market! This is a show for the shows to come to. Myself and 3 other talented established proprietors and artists are throwing you this festive party!

check it out here -

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A little shopping area

I'm very excited about all the little stores opening up in our area of Long Beach! I'd like to share a few...

Black Bird Cafe which open on Orange Ave & Wardlow
Orange Ave Estate and Salvage Orange Ave & Wardlow
Vintage Emporium (which has been here and one of my fav's!) Orange Ave & Wardlow
Urban Cottage Long Beach Blvd & San Antonio
Bixby Exchange on Atlantic Ave

Lucy B - Open in a couple weeks! on Long Beach Blvd